La storia di Santo

"I believe that the key to success lies in embracing the differences"

Santo Rizza is a trial manager for Rijk Zwaan in Italy. As the linking pin between colleagues and customers, this is often a challenging role because he has to balance the interests of different people and disciplines. Moreover, the people he deals with have different personalities and come from many different backgrounds and cultures.

Santo’s focus on getting to know one another

At first, Santo found it a little difficult to settle into this position. He was one of the youngest team members and is not a natural extrovert. But once he started to learn English and gathered more information about the company and its products, he opened up. Santo found out that having more to share makes it easier to interact with others.

From that moment he also started sharing personal information. Santo is a real soccer fan and likes to discuss the latest matches with his colleagues, but he also takes an interest in other people’s hobbies and passions. As a result, he has discovered that getting to know someone personally makes working together with them easier.

He makes use of that insight in his everyday work, such as when listening to growers to understand their demands and when convincing more experienced colleagues that new and innovative techniques can improve the efficiency of their work. Hence he helps to break down barriers, both internally and externally, and helps the company and its customers towards greater success.

Santo wants to know people better and believes that the key to success lies in embracing the differences between them. Rijk Zwaan shares this belief. Together with Santo, we are working towards a healthy future.